Lead the exterior home repair market in your territory

Our business concept shines in the growing $340 billion residential remodeling market1. It’s an industry we know well. We’re ready to help you take advantage of three generations of experience and a well-defined business model that works.

Thrush and Son recieving an award

“The robust pace of spending on home renovations and repairs is expected to stay strong into 2019.”2

Control your future

Take a look around your neighborhood. You probably won’t find a clear leader in the exterior home remodeling arena.

Investing in an established, time-tested business model gives you a pathway to reaching your full potential and making an impact in your local area. You set the pace as you help homeowners improve their exteriors with installation and repair of gutters, siding, roofs, windows and more …as you grow your own independent local business.

Sure, you could go it alone. Every market has plenty of independents. Or you could own a business with a built-in network of national suppliers, best-practices coaching from experts, a time-tested business model built by a team of go-getters like you.

This is your chance to lead the industry in your market, and totally control your future, with an unparalleled exterior home repair franchise with Thrush & Son®.

Follow an optimized business model

We’ve claimed our niche in the exterior remodeling segment, and you can too. How?

A unique focus: Roofing, gutters, siding, form the core of our business. Unlike more complex interior remodeling projects, our key exterior repair and remodeling services typically have maximized margins with lower time and labor requirements. We also have ample experience working with insurance companies for storm damage and other claims, and can help you learn to navigate that side of the business.

Flexible, growth-focused operations model: We will show you how to run an effective sales- and service-oriented business, using qualified independent certified installers for project labor. With a reasonable initial investment, streamlined operations, and built-in flexibility, your business grows as you grow your customer base – with both your staffing needs and offered services evolving over time.

Multiple customer profiles & revenue streams: Your Thrush & Son® independent franchised business can primarily generates revenue from remodeling, repairing or upgrading single-family, owner occupied housing units. But your customer can both include residential homeowners as well as commercial property-owners, all in need of a variety of quality repair services.

Loyalty rewards program: Our unique program gives you an easy way to build long-term customer relationships, which means repeat business and more growth potential for you.

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